A visit to an interesting nearby temple

Saturdays are often our shopping days. We had our three regular shopping stops, then back to home. We were in a rut.

The weather is warming up and it is inspirational, we are now mixing it up. Exploring valley sites and trying out new places to eat… then go shopping.

Today it was a drive just 15 minutes away to the small town of Chobhar.

The driver initially took us to the gorge that drains the Kathmandu valley. Unfortunately more than water is draining from the valley and the smell was overwhelming.

grey water rapids

Our destination was back toward town, up a very narrow road, and fortunately on top of a hill. It was an incredible find.

For years, the Adinath Lokeshwar Temple in Chobhar has been where newlyweds tacked on kitchen pots to the walls of the temple and the courtyard.

Since it was a Saturday, the temple was busy: prayers, vendors, kids, and neighbors visiting, and doing a wonderful job ignoring us.

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