An Auspicious Day

I think this was an auspicious day.

I flew to Kathmandu today for brief visit with my new school.

At the very busy Abu Dhabi Airport I shared a table at the Costa Cafe outside my boarding gate. I noticed my table mate was also eyeing the gate. “Going to Kathmandu?” he asks. “I am,” I reply. Then I ask, “What takes you to Kathmandu?” “I’m climbing Everest.”

Turns out I’ve met a professional explorer named Mark Wood.

A very pleasant gentleman who literally goes to the ends of the earth, sharing his experiences with a community of Skype Educators. North Pole, South Pole – been there, done that. In fact he did it solo. He showed me the gear bag he will be taking to the top of Everest that will allow him to conduct an interview from the top of the world to schools around the world.

I have been to one place that Mark could not go. As we were entering the plane, the stewardess told Mark, “You sir go to the right,” then she looked at me and said “Mr. Willis, you go to the left.” Instant bump at the gate! Sweet!

You know your not in economy anymore when you see the usual notice:

but it ends with:

I did enjoy that full horizontal position after a wonderful meal. My choice for first course a nice Arabic mezze:

Followed by Arabic lamb:

I skipped the 3rd course. By then I was ready for sleep.

What did I learn? Going to Nepal means I will meet interesting people while being treated like a prince.

Well at least today that was true.

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