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No, this is not an eating blog, it just looks that way. However life overseas and eating do seem to go together. It is part of the shared experience of a location. My brother’s family traveled with us in Bali. When we recall the trip, we may talk about the beaches, the rice paddies, wonderful people, or the exotic dancing, but for sure we will remember the fresh fruit drink that caused him grief for three days. If we run into people who have also lived in Malaysia, the conversation always turns to food. I was 135 pounds when we moved to Kuala Lumpur and put on 8lbs/yr during our stay. What can I say? The food was wonderful!

Today was International Day. Parents set up booths with foods representing many of the nationalities of our school.
It was appropriate to start off with mansaf, meat and rice cooked with yogurt. It is the dish of the Bedouin, the travelers of Arabia. Appropriate as we start this epicurean adventure, but also as this, our 21st year in Arabia, foreshadows our own journey from the land of the Jin in June.

Next was the falafel, a chickpea patty sandwich. A veggie dish appropriate for this time of year. According to Wikipedia, it was invented in Egypt and used as a meat substitute during Lent by the Coptic Christians. Good stuff!

The first trip Linda (Kathy, Astrid) and I took together was to Greece. We were welcomed into kitchens to see food as it was prepared. On the Isle of Corfu I helped the owner of the B&B gather in the fishing nets filled with our dinner from the bay. Warm food and warmer people. Here the Greek parents are preparing sandwiches.

Our honeymoon was in Paris. Here the French families have treats awaiting visitors.

I coached Girl’s JV basketball when we lived in Germany. When our away games took me to Vienna, I would always bring home a Sachertorte from the Sacher Hotel. Here the Austrian parents cut the first piece for Linda. They enjoyed the story!

The food in this region is incredibly good and fresh as seen at the Lebanese booth.

We will miss the food, and we will miss our friends,

as we travel to the land north of India.

However, we will no doubt have more food adventures.

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