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Getting Ready for My New Job…. Urban Gardener

We have planted several dwarf fruit trees during the last 5 years, most in large pots. At Christmas we had ...
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Breaking Bad in Kathmandu

Sorry, the title was suppose to be "Baking Bread in Kathmandu," but the typo is a lot more catchy. Each ...
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In the Hood

Spring had arrived and it was a sunny day. Great time for a walk in the neighborhood. I put on ...
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An Indecent Proposal While Exploring a Tourist Hot Spot

This has been a stay-at-home spring break for us which is easy to do when you live in the middle ...
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Rampaging Gang Invades Our Home in Kathmandu

A loud crash on the patio announced their arrival. We ran to the windows and looked out. We were surrounded! ...
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More fun with the Ricoh Theta S camera

One of the challenges of 360 photography is finding sites that take advantage of the technology. Just uploading the image ...
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