Travel Classics: On the Wall with Angus

Long before the internet, we were travelers. Since those tales were not recorded in a blog, I decided to start a series within this blog called “Travel Classics” with some stories from the pre-blogosphere. No doubt I could start a new blog and paraphrase Buckaroo Banzai with: “Remember; no matter where you went, there you were.”It also helps to fill in this blog with nostalgia to compensate for those weekends when we didn’t do anything more exciting than watch an entire season of Justified. However it was a great season!

In 1983, Linda and I were hired by the nascent International School of Beijing. We were half of the first overseas teachers brought in, the other half were Angus and Carol. It was, and continues to be a great friendship. Together with our other friends, John (head of the school) and Susan, we would often travel to the Ming Tombs for a picnic lunch, followed by a late afternoon on the Great Wall.

The tour buses followed the opposite itinerary, and in the late afternoon we had the Wall to ourselves. It was also the trip we would take our visitors.

Brothers John and Bill

Some we would take them up to the far un-refurbished parts of the wall.

Even if they were suffering from jetlag like my brother below. Here, being told a story by Angus:

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