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I was recently at a pep rally at a school in Nepal named for the 16th President of the United States. As a good luck charm, Lincoln’s head is rubbed by each member of the team. It seems to work as the school has a lot of winning teams. But the head rubbing got me thinking, “Will there be a Trump School?”

The famous Republican above, has lent his name to at least 3 schools for expats around the world, and of course many in the USA. Just in Illinois 89 public schools are named for Lincoln.

Already there are schools named for President Obama in at least 6 states in the US.
The name Trump University has already been sullied. No turning the clock back on that one… it has been settled.

So “Will there be another Trump named school?” Without a doubt the answer is “Yes!” Most likely in some other country than the US, for example, Russia.┬áLeaving out the obvious, what other schools might adopt the 45th president’s name?

Here are three schools that could adopt the Trump label tomorrow:
I put forward Trabajo Ya as a clear contender. Not familiar with the school? Currently not a catchy name, but what if it was called the School of Trump Tricks. It is a trade school in Spain. Trabajo Ya means “Work Now,” and reflects Trump’s values of women and employment. Look it up.
Then there is the legendary School of the Seven Bells in the Andes, where thieves and pickpockets learn their trade. Does it not already feel like some of the administration are alums of this school? Renaming the school to the Trump School of the Seven Hells would be an apt testimonial to the importance of the school in shaping the new American carnage.
Even with the recent closing of the Ringling Brothers, The Clown School is thriving. There is something inherently creepy and scary about clowns: No matter what they do, they sincerely expect you to enjoy it. Let’s hear it for TCS, the Trump Clown School!

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